Debbie White

Debbie White came to pole in 2012 with a background in competitive gymnastics.  After taking home a medal at one of her first pole competition in 2015, she found that she loved the challenge and performance opportunity that competitive pole dance provides.  She has since competed at USPDF, OG, and most recently with Pole Sport Organization where she also received a medal in her division.

Debbie currently teaches and trains at Smoke and Mirrors Fitness in Santa Ana,
California,  and is a NASM Certified
personal trainer and also holds an ACE nutrition certification.

Peppa Pou Dhq


Peppa Pou is a Certified Personal Trainer, Athlete, and Dancehall Queen. She had 3 yrs experience as a Dancehall Fit Instructor before stating her pole dance training in December 2009. Three months later she became a Pole Dance Instructor and when on to become a National Pro Level Pole Competitor. She continues to develop her skill as an Instructor in Dancehall, Pole Dance, Pole Fitness, handbalancing, load training, and Flexibility.

She's a Pole Champion and holds multiple Dancehall Queen Titles. *2017 Mizz Pole Swag  *2015 National Aerial Pole Art Neo Champion  *2014 California Pole dance championship Neo Champion

Sallye Fox

Sallye Fox was born in Northern California where she grew up as a gymnast and martial artist. At 16 she earned her second degree black belt, and became the CKL State Champion for her age group in Sparring. She was a flyer and tumbler on the Wildcats pop warner cheerleading team. She later moved to Southern California where she discovered her passion for pole fitness six years ago. 

She has won Competitions in both PPC and Nationals. Sallye has been competing in Pole Fitness Competitions for the last two years, and looks forward to continuing her competitive journey in 2017. In her free time Sallye loves to spend time with her dogs and two daughters, who are also growing up in the aerial arts industry. 

Sallye was trained as a master instructor under Jessa Mendoza who is also her choreographer and coach at Rok Your Assets Aerial Training Center. She looks forward to inspiring mothers and women from all walks of life into Pole Fitness and Aerial arts programs. 

Andrea Kim


Andrea Kim is so proud to be representing Rhiannan Nichole's Premier Pole Studio in Lake Forest, California! In 2014 she was bitten by the competition bug when she won her category as a level 1 competitor at the Pacific Pole Championships. Competing in pole has helped her to think about, try, mostly fail, and sometimes accomplish many new things. Andrea has a background in gymnastics and loves that she has found a similar outlet in pole. She loves that pole is never boring and constantly challenging with new moves and tricks to master. Thank you to everyone who took the time to support Andrea along her pole journey! 

deb mac.jpg

Debbie Mekhael

  Debbie was raised in Southern California where during her early years she focused on her education and her career.  She got her Chemical and Environmental Engineering degree and worked as an Engineer for the past 12 years.  Back in 2012 she took her first pole class and instantly fell in love!  Six months later she became a pole instructor.  She loves everything about pole fitness and the pole community.
  Debbie's life has recently taken a turn, she got engaged to the love of her life and decided that life is too short! She decided to retire early and she now enjoy spending her time with her fiancé, riding her horse, hanging out with her dogs, and of course pole dancing!
  Debbie has been fortunate to have trained at multiple wonderful studios and you can currently find her training at Rok Your Assetz Aerial Training Center.

Emily Hellman

Emily's a married 40-year-old business owner and mother of two daughters and loves taking on new challenges so she can lead her girls by example.

Emily was a fitness competitor and fitness model in her 20's and became burnt out on the typical "gym" workouts and fitness lifestyle, so she sought out alternative fitness and found pole. She loves the idea that, with pole, it's not what someone's body looks like, but what someone can DO with that body. She started taking pole classes 3 years ago and started competing 2 years ago. She trains at Prowess Pole Fitness, under the insanely talented and magical Lindsay Green. 

Michelle Loewe

Michelle Loewe has been poling for 2 years at Sexy Beast Fitness in San Diego, California. She has a background in gymnastics and dance. She is excited to be a part of the California Pole Dance Championship. Her favorite parts of pole include learning power moves and meeting pole friends. Outside of pole, Michelle likes wiener dogs and learning about biology and engineering.