Judging Criteria

Athleticism and Technical Difficulty --- (50% of overall score )

1) Strength moves (25% of Technical Score)
e.g., handsprings, aerial holds, inversions.

Flexibility (25%)
e.g., splits (on and off the pole), limber back, strong extensions.

Versatility (25%)
e.g., aerial moves, spins, floor work, balanced use of both static and spinning poles.

4) Dynamic movement (25%)
e.g., drops, kamikaze (fonji), powerful spins.

Artistic Expression and Choreography --- (50% of overall score)

4) Flow and Transitions (25% of Artistic Score)
e.g., finishing of moves, smooth transitions on the pole and and off the pole.

Musicality (25%)
Routine should include changes in intensity and dynamics to match the music.

Originality (25%)
Out of the ordinary moves that shows creativity and inventiveness.

Stage presence (25%)
e.g. Comfort on stage, crowd appeal, a distinct personal style.

-1 Point = constant readjustments, stumbles, or slips.
-2 Points =  Falling out of moves (both on and off the pole) or missing a move       e.g., attempting aerial shoulder mount or invert and not being able to get up.