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Pink Puma

Pole Tricks Workshop– aimed directly on Pole work and tricks. This class includes short, active warm up and focused on Puma’s most known tricks, transitions and combos. It’s a perfect workshop for intermediate and advanced students who wish to increase their Pole vocabulary and level of technique. Tricks for the beginners can be added upon request.

Saturday, October 7th 4:30 - 6:30

Jagged Vertical Dance and Fitness

11655 Santa Monica Blvd, LA, CA 90025



Pink Puma inhabits in a brutal environment of sport and show business industry for over than 20 years. Since she was a child her qualities like hard work, patience, stamina helped her move forward and succeed. 

At the age of 17th this girl gained a title of Master of Sports in International Level. By this time her work experience includes many well-known entertainment corporations and sports organizations. Her performance background consists of enormous quantity of sports, dance, martial arts and circus disciplines.

In August 2011 this young artist decided to integrate her performance and competitive skills, dedicating her craft to Pole Sport, and to pursue new heights under the name of Pink Puma. Her main goal is to bring into Pole Sport even more artistry, athleticism, grace and to promote it as an Olympic Sport.



- 6 years of pole dance & sport

- 10 years of rhythmic gymnastics training and competitions

- 11 years of professional dancing

- 12 years of performance in cirque style shows 


Additional skills:                                       

- Aerial Gymnastics                                   

- Hula-hoops and manipulation                                          

- Contortion and hand balance                          

- Acrobatics        

- Contemporary dance


Main accomplishments:

- 4 x World Pole Sport & Artistic Champion (2016-2017)

- Winner of “Pole Art Cyprus 2016” (Limassol)

- 2 x US Pole Sports Champion (2015-2016)

- Winner of “Miss Pole Dance America 2015” (Nashville, TN)

- Ultimate Champion, Pole Fit & Pole Art Champion at “Pole Stars Championship” (Kuala Lumpur; 2014)

- Winner of International Pole Championship in «Pole Fit category (Singapore; 2013)

- American Pole Fitness Champion (New York, NY; 2012)

- Winner of “Pole2Pole Cup USA” – Champion of Champions category (Huntington Beach; 2012)

- Winner of Russian Pole Dance and Fitness Competitions (Moscow; 2012)

- Winner and Prize Holder on 20th and 22nd All-Russian Festival of Modern Choreography "Black cat" (Ryazan; 2007, 2009)

- Winner of First All-American Dance Audition for "Le Crazy Horse de Paris” (Las Vegas, NV; 2008)

- Master of Sports in International Class (since 2002)

- Triple Champion of Russia in Rhythmic Gymnastics (2002)


Career highlights:

- Aerial silks artist and dancer in «Zumanity» – The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil (Las Vegas; 2011-2012)

- Featured artist at Leningrad Center (St Petersburg; 2014-2017)

- Pole dance artist at «Le Noir» – the Dark Side of Cirque (Japan, China, USA; 2013-2014)

- Pole dance, hula-hoops artist, dancer and gymnast in Dream Cast Entertainment production shows «Taganai», «Balagan», «Aphelion»  (USA; 2004-2012)

- Hula-hoops artist at «Madame Zingara – Love Magic Tour» (South Africa, 2010)

- Aerial silks, hula-hoops artist, dancer in Salto Natale AG production shows – «Elegance», «Nostalgie» (Switzerland; 2008-2010)

- Contortionist, aerialist and character in «Fashionistas» show (Las Vegas, NV; 2007-2008)

- Gymnast and dancer at Nikulin Moscow Circus (Russia; 2003-2005)

TV Show:

- «Dance» on TNT, Season 2 (Russia; 2015)

- Top 100 on «Dance!», Channel One Russia (2015)

- «Beat the Best» (France; 2013)

- Semifinalist of «Ukraine’s Got Talent, Season 3» (2011)

- Top 48 acts on «America's Got Talent, Season 5» (2010)

- Finalist at «Minute of Glory, Season 4» (TV show, Russia; 2009-2010)